Friday, April 6, 2012

DIY :: Daisy Cone Pew Decoration

:: Daisy Cone Decorations ::

Weddings can be expensive affairs. By the time it comes to flower decorations, it can be a source of tension for the bride and groom. Particularly as grooms tend to regard flowers as a non-essential. Brides however, can't imagine a wedding without flowers.

Hence, I am truly excited about sharing this Daisy Cone DIY. Because I think it will provide a solution to the bride and groom who desires simple wedding aisle pizzaz without burning a hole in their pocket.

Daisies are a really affordable option and are extremely long lasting too.

Step 1: First, purchase your daisies. You can head to a wholesaler like Far East Flora or just purchase them from the wet market. 

Step 2: Remove the leaves on the stem by plucking them off by hand. 
This will remove any leaves that will compete with the flower for water. 

Step 3 : You can now transport the flowers to the venue

Step 4 : Insert the flowers into the paper cones (no water is necessary) and trim appropriately. I prefer to trim the stems so that only the flower heads can be seen.

Step 5: Using a spray, spray some water onto the flower and leave overnight. 

The wedding seen here was held at 2pm and the flowers were arranged the night before from 8pm till 10pm.
Hope you find this useful!

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