Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meaningful Weddings :: Yellow & Turquoise Theme

:: The Welcome Table ::

The wedding that I am sharing today is an extra special one. Not only because, the bride, Chew Chern is an extra special lady friend of mine but the groom is from my church community group. He is a real gentleman who is thoughtful and sensitive to the people around him.   I couldn't be happier for Chew Chern who truly deserves the best! 

When Chew Chern asked if I could help out with the wedding decor, I told her that I would have been offended if she didn't ask me. Okay, I was kidding but suffice to say, I was really excited to be involved. She had chosen yellow and blue as her wedding theme colors. Yellow certainly matched her cheery personality and Blue was Stuart's favorite color. She asked me to help decorate the pews and the welcome table so I focused on those two areas. 
:: The Ladies at the Welcome Table ::

The angbao box and the guest book were purchased and I embellished them with a personalized pushpin. Sorry, I forgot to take a close up photo of that. Behind the angbao box is a basket simply tied with yellow ribbons where the wedding favors lay. (More on that in another post). I tied the ginormous blue balloon to the basket full of daisies and added gold streamers for that glittery effect. I must say I love it when helpers are dressed in matching colors!

Pew Decor :: Daisy Cones

For the pews, I decided to make daisy cones which were incredibly cost-effective. We reused the turquoise organza from another friend's wedding. and attached the daisy cones to the pews. 

Pew Decor :: Personalised Pushpins

We alternated this with yellow ribbons and pressed a personalized pushpin into each one for that extra special touch. 

:: Church Pew Decorations :: 

So there we go, a quick look at the decorations. Did you like it? To be honest, it all came together at the last moment. I had a really excellent team of helpers who were Chew Chern's friends and we put it all together the night before the wedding. I really loved the final effect, especially with the rose petals strewn down the aisle. 

If you wanna find out how to create your own rose petals, stay tuned for a diy coming up next.