Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY :: How To Make Rose Petals

Want to recreate your own rose petals for your wedding? These can be used as confetti or for decorating the wedding aisle or the tables. You can purchase rose petals from Far East Flora directly but if you want a specific color to match your wedding theme, then you will have to make them yourself. 

It isn't a difficult task though. My 6 year old son became quite efficient at removing the petals from the stalk after one lesson so I am sure you will be up to the task.

Step 1: Purchase flowers from a wholesale florist

Step 2: Lay out newspaper on the table. This makes clean up a breeze.

Step 3: Pluck the rose off the stem 

Step 4: Press down on the stem and pry it off the back of the rose. 

Step 5: Loosen the remaining roses and store them in a cool place until ready for use.

Here is a photo of me with the wedding decor helpers who were such quick and cheery workers. Notice the difference between the aisle without the flower petals and with. It is a simple diy that achieves a really complete look.

* I used 4 bunches of yellow roses and 4 bunches of white roses for the aisle pictured.

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