Monday, November 1, 2010

DIY :: How to Make a Pinwheel

pinwheels to line the church aisle

Pinwheels are such a fun and inexpensive way to decorate with color. 

My secret tip for keeping it inexpensive is to purchase digital scrapbook paper that matches the wedding theme and then print away. 

I had loads of fun coming up with different double-sided combinations.

Creating a pinwheel is super easy.

- a square piece of patterned paper
- brad fastener
- balloon sticks (optional)

* You can purchase scrapbook paper but I prefer to print it out as I need.

1. Fold the paper across diagonally such that it creates an X.

2. Cut 1/4 way along the diagonal line from each corner.

3. Using the brad, poke it through one corner.

4. Then poke it through another corner until you have poked through 4 corners.

5. Then insert it into the middle of the square piece of paper.

6. Flatten the legs of the brad to hold the pinwheel shape in place.

7. Fasten it to a balloon stick or ribbon and that's it!

corsages for the bridesmaids

boutonnieres for the groomsmen

close up of the pinwheel corsage

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