Saturday, October 16, 2010

Real Weddings :: Vintage Carnival Theme

pinwheels to line the church aisle

Last July, I was roped in to help a good friend create decorations for her church wedding ceremony. 

She wanted a vintage carnival feel to the wedding and so I tried to incorporate pinwheels, buntings and i also designed a number of images that were used on the guestcards, powerpoint slides and the wedding programme. 

The theme was such fun to work on and I also won't pretend that I didn't LOVE the colours that they chose - fuschia pink, orange and lime green. The palate just seemed to shout spring and all things happy and vibrant. 

I had a great time working on this wedding project, can you tell?  really had to reign myself in on this one.

Here are some snapshots at the wedding decor that I helped prep.

guest cards for guests to write well-wishes on

corsages for the bridesmaids

creating the bunting that is to be draped down the church aisles

boutonnieres for the groomsmen

close up of the pinwheel corsage

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